Deleted songs from Spotify Playlist by user Terrystunes – Solution

In the last 48 hours, while I am writing this post, my Spotify account was compromised. More specifically, a specific Playlist with up to 3.000 songs I manage since 2012 got 5/6 of the songs removed. When I found this out, I started writing a Twitter thread, thinking that I could help more people facing this situation and that there was not much information out there.

First, let me explain a little why this Playlist is important to me and how I ended up discovering thousands of songs had disappeared. This Playlist (named Make This Party Great Again) is the one I use to include any song I may like. Instead of managing several Playlists, I have a single one of my own, while I follow other Playlists from other people. Then, for 5 years, I’ve reached approximately 3.000 songs it took me years to discover.

2 Days ago, while using the Shuffle Mode on this Playlist, I started listening to songs I didn’t recognize. Perhaps I had included them a long long time ago and I just didn’t remember. But then I realized this was not the case when I saw it was not one just song. From 10 songs in the row, I only recognized one or two.

In order to find out what was going on, I went to my computer to take a look to who had included all these songs. I organized my playlist by the name of the user that had included them and just removed all from which I didn’t know the user behind them. When doing this, I saw that the size of my Playlist was now 500 songs. I passed of having 3.000 songs to only 500. This means that this user I didn’t know anything about not only had included new music but also removed songs I included all these years.

This is the Playlist I had problems with. The column user shows who added each song.
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