The complexity around organic content

Back 10 years ago, organic content used to be more important than today. For then, Google was probably the only trusted source of traffic in the web. People typed a couple of keywords or questions in the search field, and Google would provide back a list of organic search results organized in pages, in which page 1 was the most trusted. In case you were desperate, you would go to page 2. These were the organic results.

Google organized these results according to a powerful algorithm they developed. This algorithm would take into account on-site and off-site elements. For example, if the URL or the title of the page contained the keyword typed by the user, there was a high chance for the website to appear in the search results, not necessarily in page 1. Or if there was tons of links pointing to a single URL, that was a signal of authority and Google would rank it in a better position, closer to the first result in page 1. Continue reading